The Facility

the facility

A Facility to Facilitate the food industry in Africa

The Nest Africa plans to be the region’s collaboration, capacity building and networking platform that supports young enterprises, food companies, sponsors, universities and research institutes and other stakeholders to grow the innovations in the food industry supply chain in Africa

We are seeking support from big corporates, food companies, NGOs and government agencies to build or to lease a facility in Nairobi, Kenya that will serve the needs of the food industry in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our plan is to have the facility in Nairobi operational by 2022, after which we shall be looking at having a similar facility in Central-Southern Africa and eventually, in Western Africa – to enable us to cover some of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that have the most critical requirements for such a facility.

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New Product Development Facility

We are creating a product development facility that will enable the creation and growth of innovative food, beverage and milled products and other sustainable solutions focused on post-harvest, water, energy and waste management and other emerging technologies. 

With product development kitchen and analytical laboratories in house, the Hub will seamlessly connect young entrepreneurs with the right tools to innovate and grow their ideas into a feasible product that can be scaled up.

Tap into the knowledge base provided by The Nest’s community of members, corporate sponsors and mentors to fast-track your concept and refine it to meet the needs of a changing market.


Production & Packaging Facility

The Nest Africa’s small batch production and packaging facility will facilitate start-ups to fast-track the commercialisation of their recipes and formulations at the fully-equipped kitchen facilities that will also have space for onsite warehousing for cold and ambient requirements.

Take advantage of knowledgeable staff at The Nest who will take you through your production and packaging innovations process to enable your product to hit the market faster

and many more facilities

Office Space & Events Facility

The Nest Africa’s co-working office space enables the community of star-ups to have a physical space from which to base their operations in the early days of their operations.

The office space will be available for small teams and individuals, with adequate flexibility to take care of the entrepreneurs as they grow and evolve. 

The facility will also have space adequate for small events that bring together the key stakeholders in the food community in the region.

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