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Capacity Building Classes & Trainings

The Nest Africa offers the following types of trainings and classes to entrepreneurs on the following areas, in conjunction with its sponsors and partners:

  • Essentials of Starting a Food Business
  • General Business Management Skills
  • Financial & Taxation Management
  • Value Addition Opportunities in the Food Processing, Retail and Hospitality Industry
  • Marketing & Brand Development & Management
  • Food Safety & Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales, Distribution & Logistics, including E-Commerce 
  • Food Formulation & Innovation
  • Food Processing, Packaging & Engineering Essentials
  • Sustainable Processing, Packaging, Water, Energy and Waste Management
  • etc

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meet & network with peers

Monthly Networking Events

If your passion or business is in the food industry – from manufacturing, trading, food service or even owning a food truck – then our monthly networking events are the perfect platform to start your journey. 

Addressed by some of the most critical change makers in the food and agriculture industry and beyond, these short, mainly evening events enable you to join the thriving food industry, enabling you to meet industry veterans, entrepreneurs and more, including financiers, consultants and service providers to the industry.

The events also give you an opportunity to know what The Nest Africa is about and to give you a feel of how you can tap into its community. 

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Premium Food, Beverage & Milling Industry Events

FW Africa – the host of The Nest Africa – is a leading organiser of some of the most impactful events to the food, beverage and milling industry in Africa.

Comprising of high-level conferences and exhibitions, the events are held in a number of African countries, the events are critical to building the capacity of established companies and start-ups in the food industry in Africa.

Signed up individual and corporate members receive discounted rates to attend the events organised by FW Africa.

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