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Our Mission is to Revolutionise the Food Industry In Africa

The Nest Africa is sub-Saharan Africa’s only FoodTech community hub that seeks to harness the potential in the Continent’s food  industry supply chain to address the region’s most pressing challenges.

Our goal is to create a thriving community of food entrepreneurs across Africa by providing networking, innovation and ideas development platforms to ensure young companies and entrepreneurs can produce more nutritious, affordable and sustainable food solutions; while adopting the latest technologies and practices.

With plans to establish the first Hub in Nairobi, Kenya by 2022, we are aiming at establishing other Hubs across other locations in sub-Saharan Africa in due course, so that our impact can be greater and more localised in the Continent.

The Nest Africa brings together young companies, established food companies, Government agencies, universities and research institutes, suppliers, NGOs, foundations, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital firms, among many other stakeholders – to ensure that the Hub is a community of stakeholders who shall ensure that the food industry of the future will be more sustainable and innovative.

We Facilitate the Growth of Innovative Companies

At The Nest Africa we are building a community, networks and facilities that will take start-up businesses Africa to the next level. Our approach to helping the next entrepreneurs is new in sub-Saharan Africa


We are based in Nairobi, Kenya, from where we plan to grow into other regions to impact the food industry across sub-Saharan Africa


We focus on working with start-ups and young businesses across the food value chain in Africa to enable them to innovate and grow sustainably


We aim to enable young entrepreneurs and businesses to access latest technologies, networks and ideas to enable them become better.

We want to Solve Real Problems in Africa

Key Focus Areas at the Nest

Food Products Innovation

New food, beverage and milled products that are nutritious, affordable, trendier and meet rising consumer demand for 'better for you' credentials

Sustainable Production & Waste Management

Concepts that improve sustainable utilisation of power, water and waste in the food and agro industry value chain

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Solutions that improve efficiency in the supply chain, logistics and go-to-market (including retail) for food products in Africa

Post-harvest Management

New ideas at the farm-level or in the value chain that reduce post-harvest losses in the food and agriculture industry in Africa

Sustainable Processing & Packaging

Novel processing, packaging and storage ideas that improve utilisation of locally available resources in Africa

Next Tech Innovations

Digitalisation and next generation technologies that improve food safety, efficiency, sustainability and quality in the food industry in Africa


How We Work with Innovators


We bring together entrepreneurs and innovators and provide platforms that bring their ideas to life


We ensure that young enterpreneurs can find the most critical networks that add value to your business growth


We provide regular training and consultancy services on some of the most important subject areas for your business


We plan to have shared office and processing facilities for use by young entrepreneurs in Africa


We connect young entrepreneurs to investors and other stakeholders from Africa and beyond

Partner with Us

Join the Hub

Our mission to transform the food, beverage and milling industry in Africa will not succeed without corporate sponsors, big food companies, start-ups, partners, experts and individuals from Africa and across the World. Reach out to us so that we can discuss how you can be part of this revolution.

We shall be pleased to hear from you

If your mission is to change the face of the food industry in Africa, please talk to us . . . .

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