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We believe that with more support, African entrepreneurs can be more innovative and thrive


About The Nest Africa

The Nest Africa is the first innovation and networking platform for start-ups and innovators in Africa’s food, beverage and milling industry.

We bring together young entrepreneurs, technology providers, financial institutions, private equity and venture capital funds, universities and research institutes to create the next phase of enterprises in Africa’s food, beverage, milling and related industries.

It goes without saying that young businesses in Africa face thousands of challenges everyday – especially during the first few years of their operation, often relying on luck and the entrepreneurs determination to make it through the challenges.

It is unfortunate that this is the most critical time for these young enterprises, leading to a growing list of companies that fail to ever make it out of the trial phase.

The Nest Africa is the platform for emerging start-ups and innovative enterprises in Africa to come together with other stakeholders to grow their ideas and concepts to fruition. 

By creating an innovations and support ecosystem, The Nest Africa fills an emerging and urgent need by innovators in the Continent’s food industry for an all-inclusive, vibrant and focused platform that will eventually lead to more successful and sustainable businesses producing nutritious, affordable, trendy products that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers in Africa and beyond.

The Nest Africa works with businesses at various stages of their development in the entire food value chain, including the following:

  • Food, beverage and milling products processors and packers
  • Restaurants, catering and foodservice
  • Technology around food processing, packaging, retail and distribution 
  • Agriculture and post-harvest management
  • Etc

The Nest Africa is specifically focused on providing support to young companies led by women and the youth in sub-Saharan Africa, due to the fact that they face a more challenging environment to enter and sustain their businesses in the food industry supply chain in the region.

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How We Support Businesses

Business Incubation

At The Nest Africa, we bring together young entrepreneurs and businesses and provide them with the right platforms that incubate and grow their ideas to life through our facilities, networks and community.

Networking Platforms and Events

At The Nest Africa, we ensure that young enterpreneurs and businesses can find the most critical networks that add value to their business growth by availing regular networking events and industry focused technical and commercial premium events that add value to our members and community

Training & Consultancy

At The Nest Africa, we provide regular classes, training and consultancy services to food businesses and other stakeholders covering the most important business topics to ensure that you succeed from early on in your journey

Shared Production & Office Facilities

At The Nest Africa, we plan to have shared product development, processing and packaging facilities and office space for use by young entrepreneurs and businesses to start off, incubate and grow their ventures before they branch out on their own

Connection With Investors

At The Nest Africa, we are creating a community of young entrepreneurs and businesses, established food companies, investors, private equity and venture capitalists that ensures that the community members have access to knowledge, facilities and critically – sources of capital 

We want to Solve Real Problems in Africa

Key Focus Areas at the Nest

Food Products Innovation

New food, beverage and milled products that are nutritious, affordable, trendier and meet rising consumer demand for 'better for you' credentials

Sustainable Production & Waste Management

Concepts that improve sustainable utilisation of power, water and waste in the food and agro industry value chain

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Solutions that improve efficiency in the supply chain, logistics and go-to-market (including retail) for food products in Africa

Post-harvest Management

New ideas at the farm-level or in the value chain that reduce post-harvest losses in the food and agriculture industry in Africa

Sustainable Processing & Packaging

Novel processing, packaging and storage ideas that improve utilisation of locally available resources in Africa

Next Tech Innovations

Digitalisation and next generation technologies that improve food safety, efficiency, sustainability and quality in the food industry in Africa


Our Story

The Nest Africa’s concept began with Francis Juma’s nearly 15 years of working with small, medium and large food companies in business development and technical sales roles in several African countries, where he came across the huge challenges that young businesses face in developing their ideas and concepts to thrive and grow. 

After incorporating FoodWorld Media in 2013, he originally founded Food Business Africa magazine, which has become the No. 1 Food, Beverage and Milling industry publication in sub-Saharan Africa – to provide the platform to inform the food industry stakeholders in Africa and beyond of the latest news, innovations and market trends in Africa and the World’s food industry. 

Later, in 2015, the company debuted the first industry focused events called AFMASS Food Expos – which have become the region’s leading networking, educational and trade events, with a number of events already held in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. With more locations planned in future, the company also  organises the region’s only awards ceremony, the Africa Food Industry Excellence Awards and plans to organise more events in future.

The Nest Africa is a continuation of our company’s dedication to uplift the knowledge and skills of the food industry in Africa. Through our knowledge of the food industry in Africa, plus the confidence the industry stakeholders have placed on us over the  years, we can open doors to young companies based in Africa to greater heights – from new product ideas, through to commercialisation to finding the right investors and partners. 

Through The Nest Africa, we shall actualise our long held ambition of catalysing the development of solutions to local challenges in Africa, open up opportunities for young businesses and entrepreneurs in Africa to grow and thrive and continue bringing Africa’s food and agriculture industry stakeholders together for a sustainable future.

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