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sponsorship Overview

The Nest Africa partners with multinational, regional and local companies that have a mission to boost the food industry supply chain in Africa. These companies have a lot in common with the Nest Africa: creating a viable, innovative and sustainable food ecosystem in Africa, while improving the 

These corporate partners offer important support for The Nest Africa and its startups by becoming strategic partners, mentors, investors, customers and more.

Through the networks created at The Nest Africa and the relationships that thrive out of these networks, corporate partners become part and parcel of the food industry innovation ecosystem, where they have access to the industry’s most innovative companies and technologies coming out of The Nest Africa and its community.

Partnering with us also provides partners the opportunity to become more sustainable and to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and economic empowerment in Africa.

Eventually, these partnerships provide a platform for entrepreneurs and corporates to exchange ideas and form connections that can lead to more opportunities to work together or even open doors to investment in the start-ups by the corporates.

Corporate sponsors can be, among others:

  • Foundations and non-profit organisations;
  • Private sector companies in the manufacturing, retail and other sectors of the economy;
  • Suppliers of technologies, products and services to the food, beverage and milling industry.
  • Government agencies and ministries

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor or have a few queries on how to engage with us on the Sponsorship, please contact us! 


Benefits of Sponsoring The Nest Africa

Become The Industry Leader

Africa’s food industry is in need of corporate leaders that shall define the future of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. At The Nest Africa, we provide platforms for leading brands to shape the narrative across the Continent, while providing industry perspective to young entrepreneurs

Make your Brand Visible

Our Sponsors have many opportunities, depending on their level of sponsorship, to stand out from the crowd, be it on brand visibility at the facilities run by The Nest Africa, to website and social media etc. But that’s not all, they also receive recognition during networking days, participation at The Nest Africa’s Advisory Board and many more

Achieve your Goals

If your goal is to impact the food industry value chain in Africa positively, then our goals are aligned from the beginning already. The Nest Africa further opens the unique opportunity to test your concepts in our product development labs or directly with upcoming enterprises in the food value chain and many more . . .


Become A Sponsor Partner

The Nest Africa welcomes foundations and non-profit organisations; food, beverage and milling companies; suppliers of technologies, products and services to the food, beverage and milling industry to join us as Sponsors to help us achieve our goal of revolutionising the food industry in Africa.

Our Sponsor partners advance their impact, innovation and sustainability goals by networking with, mentoring and engaging with The Nest Africa’s community of entrepreneurs, universities and research institutes and other stakeholders from Africa and beyond. 

We have many ways that your organisation can collaborate with us – monetary or in kind or a mix of the two.

But the core of our collaboration is the opportunity to gain access to startups that are hungry for success and which are focused on solving Africa’s food industry challenges.

Our sponsor partners are a critical part of The Nest Africa community. They not only invest at The Nest Africa, but they also invest in our startups, share technologies and ideas, and become mentors to the community. They also provide invaluable industry perspective, expertise, and connections that boost innovations and entrepreneurship in our community.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor or have a few queries on how to engage with us on the Sponsorship, please contact us by filling the form here! 

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